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Great Local Eateries
Spices & Tastes 
of Israel

Mehadrin kosher food in Tzfat has the blue certification.  Rabbinute is pink. 

There are many more restaurants than those listed here that are kosher. Here are a few.

Mehadrin Take out for Shabbat and weekdays
Meat ~ Mendis Arales on Rehov Yerushalayim
Dairy ~ Baghdad Cafe, Art Cafe on Rehov Yerushalayim, Faigy's Tree of Life (Vegetarian) in Kikar Maginim
Bellas is a new Mehadrin restaurant across from Sheva Chaya Gallery and next to the Exhibition Hall.
Atika ~ Kikar Maginim ~ the best falafel and shwarma in town with seating upstairs
Gluten Free ~ Elements Cafe off Kikar Maginim

Ari 8 on Rehov HaAri ( highly recommended if you want a great steak)

Menu of the Day

There are many options ranging from restaurants, catering, take out and of course in the Safed Sugar Suite there is a full kosher kitchen for dairy and meat.  Some people bring their own and use the warmer available and some like to use Mendy's or Arale's on Rehov Yerushalayim.   If you visit the Kadosh Cheese factory you can bring home a selection of homemade cheeses, grape leaves and choose from a variety of mouth watering halva including chocolate.

If you want information about availability and pricing please click here

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