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Explore the city of mystics and artists on Israel’s Northern Frontier.

Come to Safed and make it your base for the North. 

Here are some of the must see highlights of Safed.

Things To Do In Safed

Here is a list of the most popular sites in the Old City.

Follow this order it will take you in a circle around the Old City:

  • Candle Factory

  • Ari Synagogue

  • Livnot Visitors Center and the Kahal

  • Artist Row

  • Fig Tree gallery has a few galleries and you can see a 500 year old cistern,                         

  • weavers at work and walk to the top of the stairs

  • Yosef Caro Synagogue (in the middle of the Artist Row)

  • Abuhav Synagogue

  • Kikar Maginim (Defender’s Square)


Other parts of the city:

  • Kever of Shem V’Ever

  • The Citadel is at the top of the mountain (opposite the City Hall).  You can see in four directions from there.

  • Kadosh Cheese for cheese, mouthwatering halva, olives and homemade grape leaves

  • Meiri Cheese which also has a museum

  • Artist Quarter

  • Davidka cannon on Rehov Yerushalayim and learn some history about Tzfat

  • Ozter HaStam in Canaan for kids

Holy Sites In And Around Safed

​Come pray at some of the most beautiful ancient synagogues in Israel. Explore the burial sites of some of our greatest Rabbis. Each one has his own fascinating story and contribution to Torah. Safed is the home of the most well known Kabbalists.

  • Ari Synagogue

  • Abuhav Synagogue

  • Yosef Caro Synagogue

  • Alscheich Synagogue

  • Beirav Synagogue (a Shlomo Carlebach style synagogue which is popular on Shabbos)

  • Arizal Kever

  • Cemetary in Tzfat with many tzaddikim buried there



  • the Rashbi

  • Hillel and Shammai

  • Second Temple era Synagogue 


  • Kever of Rav Yonaton Ben Uziel

(many people come here to pray for their soulmate)


Tiberius - Tiveriah

  • Rambam kever

  • Holy mothers of Bilhah and Zilpah

  • Rabbi Akiva

  • Rachel - Rabbi Akiva’s wife

Things To Do In The Golan & Galilee

Use Safed as your base for many activities that are great for families and children.  Most of the following are within an hour’s drive of Safed:

  • Horseback riding - Bat Yar

  • Manara Cliffs with the longest cable car  in the country and a stunning view of the Hula valley.  They also have rappelling

  • Ein Zivan - Dekarina Chocolate Factory

  • Ein Zivan - Berry Picking in season

  • Katzrin- Ancient Katzrin Park and archeological site

  • Hula Valley - take a bike ride or a golf cart around the scenic Hula Valley and see the migrating birds in season - a perfect trip for families and kids

  • Tiberius - Banana boating, Aquakef

  • Kayaking - Kfar Blum

  • Maalot - Go karting, Ice Skating, Ropes Course

  • Akko - Tunisian Synagogue, Old CIty, Extreme Park

  • Nahariya Tayelet and Rosh Hanikra

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